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Health Plan Credentialing

Practice Health provides a full array of credentialing services to new physicians.  This includes:

  • Creation and maintenance of the CAQH online credentialing application;
  • Completion of all mandatory, payer specific credentialing paperwork;
  • Contract negotiation or group affiliation;
  • Notification to all contracted healthplans;
  • Credentialing status tracking and follow-up;
  • Notification when complete;

Practice Health also assists established physicians in notification and implementation of practice changes including address changes, tax identification number changes, practice affiliation changes, etc.  Our services go beyond the few listed here, so please do contact us if you have any further questions as to what we do for our group members.


If you would like to download the paperwork needed for a new physician or midlevel joining an existing PH practice, click here.

If you would like to download the paperwork needed for a new practice to join PH, click here.

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