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Our Contracts

Using the Messenger Model contracting methodology, Practice Health provides access to seventeen group and/or individual contracts covering over forty product lines.


Federal Anti-Trust Law prohibits physicians that are not financially or clinically integrated from negotiating collectively; therefore, Practice Health functions as a designated "messenger" to represent each physician or physician practice individually.  Each practice establishes its own unique minimum reimbursement requirements which are then conveyed to the health plans.  Contract proposals are then communicated back to each practice and the practice makes an independent decision to accept or reject the contract offering.  The process continues until an agreement is reached between the healthplan and the practice.  The resulting contract(s) can be executed with Practice Health as an organization or with the practices individually.


Successful execution of the Messenger Model process involves a significant level of physician education and communication. Physicians must be well educated on the Messenger Model process and actively participate in every contract by responding to all communications regarding contract proposals. With almost ten years experience in the execution and administration of the Messenger Model, Practice Health will work closely with representatives from the different medical centers providing oversight on physician education and training of the proper and legal execution of the Messenger Model Process.

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